Think running dual monitors is expensive or hard to set up? Think again!

Running 2 monitors on your laptop or desktop is very easy and affordable to set up. Once you have 2 monitors.. you will never go back!


In a world of multitasking, dual monitors is almost a necessity. Users running several applications often find the convenience of having two monitors a more beneficial upgrade to their computer than adding more memory or hard drive space.  And, since the prices of flat screen monitors have came down in price, you can get a decent flat screen set up for less than you think!

Ready to go dual?  Check to see if your computer is ready.

Newer computers are often set up to run dual monitor displays, but not always.  Older computers typically need a graphics card added.  Look at the back of your computer for any graphics outputs that look like these:


Some connections above may need converters to run certain monitors.  Your salesperson will be happy to show you the different options.  Normally a converter cable costs less than $20.

Need an extra connection(s)?  No problem!

If you only have one video output above, you will need to add a part to run 2 monitors.  Luckily, this can be easier than you think!  We can add a graphics card into the machine, starting as low as $42.99, that has the connections you need for dual monitors.  Alternatively, if you don’t want to bring your computer in for service, a USB video adapter is an easy addition to your computer that simply plugs into a port.  These are only $42.99!

Find the right size monitor

We sell a variety of LCD monitors starting as low as $19.99 that will work perfectly as dual displays!  Want to go large?  We carry up to 27″ monitors on hand and can order any larger size you need!

Dual monitor packages start as low as $79.99!  Add a second monitor to your computer today!