Do you have a bulk quantity of computers to sell?

Out of state or in state – WE CAN HELP!

Action Computers is the largest buyer and seller of used computers in Colorado! We’re not just limited to Colorado – we buy across the United States! Do you have equipment to sell? Follow our easy checklist, get a quote, and we’ll send you shipping materials AT NO EXTRA COST! Note that this program is exclusive to bulk quantities (50 units or more) and does not apply to individual or small lots of equipment. For that, use our individual purchasing form.

Step 1 – Send us your list
Use our easy upload form below to send us a list of your equipment

Step 2 – We’ll Send You a Pallet

Fill the pallet with your equipment using our directions! Our carrier will pick it up and make it easy!

Step 3 – We’ll evaluate & Pay!

We’ll evaluate your equipment and call you with the price. If you approve, we’ll mail a check

It’s easy!

Ready To Go?

Contact us using the form below:

    Upload List of Equipment to Sell

    Please attach a file including all equipment you are looking to sell or recycle. In order to expedite your request, please include all relevant information, including Brand, Model Number and Serial Number. When possible, also include the relevant specifications of the equipment you are selling.