Mike B

Mike B
General Manager

I’ve been a computer enthusiast for over 35 years (C64 FTW), building PCs for 25 years. Game player, sports fan (used to play, now just watch). I’ve built systems for friends and family, which has turned me into the family tech support.

Dean N
Sales team

Dean has lived in Denver all his life. He has worked at Action Computers since 2008, primarily in sales, but also in service, internet sales and marketing, shipping and at the warehouse. In addition to working at Action, his jobs have included everything from radio DJ to lamp repairman to voice over artist. When he’s not selling computers, he uses his computer at home to record music in his recording studio, both for his band Lakeside Doublewide and for other local artists. If you call the Denver store and are put on hold, his is one of the voices telling you about our on-hold specials.