Asset Recovery: Start with Trust!

Businesses upgrading their IT equipment or infrastructure have a big project to tackle. A major concern is the proper recycling and data disposal of previous equipment. Action Computers has been in the Asset Recovery business for over 25 years. We work with major businesses that trust us to do the right job.

Who Benefits From Asset Recovery?

Companies that perform 3-5 year refreshes may not realize that equipment still has value! Any business small or large benefits from having an Asset Recovery company work with them.

How Does It Help My Company?

  • Trusted, proper disposal of recycled IT assets byan EPA certified recycler.
    * Don’t trust just any company to PROPERLY dispose of recycled goods. Some don’t always do it right!
  • Extra money in to your IT budget
  • Renewed inner-office recycling (green) goals

Why Pick Action Computers?

  • Over 25 years in business
  • Your Data is Safe

* Most businesses have procedures in place to secure data. Unfortunately, some data still makes it out. We have secure processes to make sure your data is secure until wiped. Then, our certified, background checked technicians use secure processes to completely eradicate all data. Even if you wiped the data, we do it again. Don’t just take our word for it – our processes have been certified as secure.

  • Regional and national Asset Recovery capabilities
  • No recycling costs

* As an Asset Recovery partner, you never pay a cost for recycling. We understand E-waste accumulates, and may not always have value.
We will pick up for value items or non-value, and always recycle the right way!

  • We use the complete recycling circle

* Reuse is the pursest form of recycling. Any items that we purchase or recycle always get considered for reuse. If the product is end of life,
or cannot be reused, we will recycle it.

  • Fast response
  • Free pickup – we come to you
  • No packing, crating, or preparing. We’ll come directly to the equipment

Ready To Go?

Contact us using the form below:

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    Please attach a file including all equipment you are looking to sell or recycle. In order to expedite your request, please include all relevant information, including Brand, Model Number and Serial Number. When possible, also include the relevant specifications of the equipment you are selling.