New vs Used Speed Test Comparison

Don’t be tricked into buying an “inexpensive” new machine, thinking your getting a good deal because of the price!

Big box computer retailers bring customers in to their stores by offering low priced, low quality affordable hardware. While it would appear you’re getting a deal, the slow processor will make your computer experience miserable.  Don’t fall for it!

Action Computers carries high quality, long lasting computers at value prices

The result is higher cost, higher quality components which results in improved speed.  To test this, we loaded a benchmark utility on one of our Dell Optiplex computers and compared that to a similar affordable machine:

Dell Optiplex 780, 4GB RAM Windows 7 Core 2 Duo – 444 – $239

Competitor: HP Pavilion, 4GB RAM Windows 8 Celeron J – 336 – $249

The results

Our entry level computer scored better than a competitors machine that is BRAND NEW!  That means you will notice a speed improvement resulting in web pages loading faster and less waiting for programs to load which means you will be more productive!

Quality, high speed desktop computers starting as low as $239.99!

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