How do you determine the actual speed of a computer? A benchmark! But what IS a benchmark?


Have you ever wondered what makes a computer fast? If you buy a computer with a decent processor, you are solving most of the problem. But that’s not the only part that you need to be concerned about!

Benchmark tests show overall system performance

Your processor works together with other components to make your computer runs quickly.  For example, if you have a slow, under powered hard drive.  your overall system performance will go down.  Same goes with RAM and graphics.  A benchmark utility will test each individual component and give each an individual score.  That score gets added up and becomes your benchmark score!

The bigger, the better

The test will show you where you need to put your money to upgrade your computer to get more performance.  Once the score gets high enough, you will need to upgrade the system completely to gain more performance.  This test is especially useful when trying to compare the speeds of different computers, or doing a before and after when doing upgrades.

Action Computers uses benchmark scores to assist the customers in picking the correct computer for their needs!