Did you know that Action Computers is active in the community?

???? Did you know that Action Computers is active in the community? Aside from helping people every day with frustrating computer problems, recovering lost and irrecoverable files, or helping someone find a computer, we’ve done/do the following:
▶ We donate over 200 computers a year to families and children in need. Our partner, Tech to All, helps facilitate this.
▶ We work with several non-profit and private organizations that also provide computers or services to individuals with occupational or other needs.
▶ We donated more than 10 iPads to the local VA hospital to be used as a therapy device for veterans with COVID-19 that couldn’t see loved ones while in the hospital.
▶ 20% discount to all first-responders, including police, fire, and EMS.
▶ We’ve supported non-profit groups outside of the US as well. Many of our computers can be found in Uganda through a partnership we have with a non-profit in that area.
▶ Over 10 laptops donated to a non-profit that helps young men in gang heavy areas succeed through being good members of the community through work and sports.
▶ We have supported community based organizations as well, such as the Parker Rotary Club.
▶ We proudly support the Comcast Internet Essentials program and the Emergency Broadband Benefit by offering computers at a fraction of the cost of new or refurbished machines in the market. Plus, we help our customers join the program for FREE and help them get a FREE wireless modem and install.
▶ We work with our vendors to participate in various environmentally friendly activities, including an annual Earth Day recycle event where employees can recycle any household electronics for FREE
Thank you to our customers for the continued support since 1994 – we couldn’t do all of these nice things without you!